Dr. Kevin Wickman

Kevin earned his BA in Chemistry from St. Olaf College in 1991 and his PhD in Molecular Neuroscience from the Mayo Clinic in 1995. After completing postdoctoral training with Dr. Sandra Gendler at the Mayo Clinic (1995-1997) and Dr. David Clapham at Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School (1997-1999), he accepted a faculty position in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota in the fall of 1999. He was promoted to Associate Professor of Pharmacology in 2005 and to Professor of Pharmacology in 2011. He was named Vice Head of Pharmacology in 2017 and currently holds the titles of Distinguished University Teaching Professor and Distinguished McKnight University Professor.

Assistant Professor/VVCC Manager

Dr. Ezequiel Marron

Ezequiel obtained his PhD in Biology (2008) after completing earning separate Bachelor’s degrees in Biology (2003) and Biochemistry (2005). During this time, and during his first postdoctoral training period at the NIH, his research focused on the pharmacology of opioid receptors and molecular mechanisms regulating ion channel gating. After joining the Wickman lab in 2013, he has focused his research on experience-dependent neuroadaptations in inhibitory signaling, while maintaining an interest in a variety of fields such as genomics/proteomics, structure-activity relationships, and ion channel gating. Whenever possible he balances research with his second passion – teaching. Dr. Marron is also the Manager of the University of Minnesota Viral Vector and Cloning Core.

Graduate Students

Baovi Vo

Vi received her BS in Biochemistry from Carroll University in 2015 and joined the Wickman lab in 2016. She is interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying mood and cognition, and she hopes to contribute to the development of novel therapeutics for related neurological disorders. Vi likes to teach and has had various teaching experiences since her undergraduate training. Besides research and teaching, Vi enjoys biking, hiking, playing piano, practicing yoga, and learning new languages.

Allison Anderson

Allison is a Minnesota native who earned her BA in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota at Morris in 2015 and joined the Wickman lab in 2016. Allison is interested in the molecular underpinnings of parasympathetic regulation of cardiac function, specifically in the context of arrhythmogenesis. When not in the lab, Allison enjoys music, cooking, and spending time on the lake.

Timothy Rose

Tim earned his BS in Cell & Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota at Duluth in 2016 and joined the Wickman lab in 2017. Tim applies techniques in ex vivo electrophysiology, intracranial viral manipulations, neuromodulation (chemogenetics and optogenetics), and behavioral analysis to understand cellular mechanisms underlying motivation and mood. Outside of the lab, Tim enjoys staying active outdoors, traveling, and experiencing different cultures.

Margot DeBaker

Margot earned her BS in Biomedical Sciences from Marquette University in 2017 and joined the Wickman lab in 2018. She is interested in the mechanisms underlying neurological disorders relating to mood and motivation. Margot also enjoys running, biking, and being outdoors, as well as most activities relating to the preparation or consumption of food.

Technical Support

Melody Truong

Melody earned her BS in Genetics, Cell Biology & Development and Microbiology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 2018. Melody lends her expertise in cloning and viral packaging to the Viral Vector and Cloning Core. Outside of the lab, Melody enjoys art, music, and cooking.

Mehrsa Zahiremami

Mehrsa obtained her BS from Dalhousie University in 2015, with dual majors in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Biology. She obtained her MS in Neurogenetics at McGill University in 2018. Mehrsa lends her expertise in viral packaging to the Viral Vector and Cloning Core. Outside of the lab, Mehrsa enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music, hiking, and working as volunteer for the Sexual Violence Center.

Farzaneh Assadian

Farzaneh got her PhD in veterinary Microbiology from University of Tehran, Iran in 2012. During her previous postdoctoral training at the University of Minnesota her research focused on AAV capsid engineering for the purpose of altering tropism. She joined the Wickman lab in July 2019 to help with AAV and lentivirus custom cloning and viral packaging. Outside of the lab, She enjoys travelling, cooking, baking, photography and spending time with her family.


Graduate students

Nora McCall
Lydia Kotecki
Nicole Wydeven
Ana Fajardo-Serrano
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Kevin Allen
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